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Veteran Profile: Ann-Marie – Northeast Florida Women Veterans

Why did I choose to go into the military? While I wish I could share with you a patriotic story, unfortunately, I cannot. I was simply intrigued by the Navy.

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Veteran Profile: Robin – Northeast Florida Women Veterans

I was born and raised in Texas with my brother until we were taken from my mother for severe abuse and neglect and placed in a children’s shelter. I vowed at 14 that no matter what I had to do, I would not become my mother –  pregnant at 16 and addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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Pollen Allergies – Watkins Allergy & Asthma

Every spring, your local weatherman talks about pollen counts, but what does that mean? Does he count each pollen grain in the air? Estimate the number by how many sneezing people he runs into every day? Not quite.

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Parkinson’s Can’t Stop This Music – Press Release

JACKSONVILLE, FLA, July 30, 2015 – Ken Sutherland has Parkinson’s disease. He’s no longer able to toss a ball with his grandson, hold a paintbrush or write music on a piano. His wife, Laura, is a minister and now works two jobs to support them.

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Joe’s Story – Modern Automotive Dynamics

Joe Hottmann began riding motorcycles when he was 13 years old. He enjoyed the solitude and carefree feeling of riding in the open air.

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MAD Mike Bio – Modern Automotive Dynamics

He doesn’t remember who or when people started calling him MAD Mike, but the name stuck.

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