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Not So Big Living: A New Way of Being in the World

Acclaimed architect and author Sarah Susanka is a cultural visionary with an incredible ability to understand the underlying structure of the American lifestyle and provide the language and tools that are redefining how we live.

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Brandy Tezak: Vintage State of Mind

Artwork from local creatives adorn the walls, vases full of wildflowers hang from the ceiling, and clothing racks hold wardrobes from generations past. A pair of blue dance shoes, worn-looking, likely with years of parties under its belt, sits on top of a shelf, awaiting the day when they’ll waltz across the dance floor once again.

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Women Who OWN It


Globe-trotter Lydia Chicles lived in Greece, South Africa and Canada before settling in Baldwin Park to start her business BOLD! Technologies in 2009. Her goal to be resource responsible while creating economic opportunities led to the international adoption of the products, platforms and connected technologies that she leads. BOLD! Technologies offers custom premier software products and services for mobile applications and connected devices. Lydia was nominated as one of six finalists in the 2013 National Association of Women Business Owners Business plan competition sponsored by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Duke Energy and Southwest.com. Serving as the 2015 president of NAWBO Orlando was an exciting opportunity for Lydia to give back to the community while supporting other female business owners. When she isn’t playing the part of CEO and founder of BOLD! Technologies, Lydia enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at community events celebrating the arts, and encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM fields through activities and workshops.

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Lake Nona Dining Destinations

Canvas Restaurant

Lake Nona residents are enjoying a brand new hot-spot for their evening meals: Canvas. Overlooking one of the many bodies of water in Laureate Park, the 278-seat restaurant is a collaborative effort between Tavistock Restaurant Collection, Tavistock Development Company and Concentrics Restaurants, known locally for Luma on Park, Prato and Slate.

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Redesigned Restaurant Retreat

Experience healthy, locally-sourced, farm-to-table cuisine while looking out at the beautiful 21-acre Lake Windsong at LakeHouse, the newly renovated Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress restaurant. The 6,350-square-foot restaurant, formerly known as Cascade, went through a $2.8 million redesign and reopened in December 2015.

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New Rules of the Game with Susan Packard

Meet Susan Packard, a team player for powerhouse media brands like HBO, CNBC and HGTV.

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In-App Purchases: A Modern Day Parenting Challenge

As a parent, there are certain topics you eventually have to address with your children:

“The Birds and the Bees”

“Stranger Danger”

“Don’t Do Drugs”

The 21st century and the advent of apps created a new conversation: “Don’t Make In-App Purchases.” Minors across the globe are charging millions of dollars to their parents’ accounts while playing game apps, creating a new issue for modern parents to deal with.

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Apps Accelerate Fast Food And Boost Grocery Store Customer Service

Online ordering, apps and electronic devices are dominating the food industry as convenience and speed become more and more important to this generation of consumers.

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Getting Tech Savvy Behind The Wheel

“Back to the Future” movies may have been a little off when they predicted flying cars by 2015, but not by much. Every year, advances in technology are bringing us closer to that reality. Here are just a few of the upgrades car buyers will hear about when they step onto the dealer’s lot.

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Progressive Polish: Nails Get Techy

10 fingers +10 toes = 20 canvases for expression

Nails are one of the many places on the body where people express their individuality, and as technology is advancing, so are the polishes we put on them.

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Parkinson’s Can’t Stop This Music

Ken Sutherland has Parkinson’s disease.

He is no longer able to toss a ball with his grandson, hold a paintbrush or play music on a piano. His wife, Laura, is an ordained minister and also works for Advanced Spine & Sports Medicine in Dallas to support them.

But that’s not the story here. Sutherland doesn’t want pity.

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Profile – Min-Wen Wang

Looking back on his days at the University of Florida, Dr. Min-Wen Wang recalls many good memories of the campus, his professors, fishing in Cedar Key, tubing at Ichetucknee Springs and visiting Disney World.

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