Daily Green looks to redefine local drive-thru food

Daily Green, a healthy fast food option in downtown Gainesville, will soon offer online ordering and drive-thru pick up.

The restaurant at 436 SE Second St. downtown is looking to implement the plans for customer convenience and speed. The process is taking longer than anticipated, but the services are expected to be available within the next month.

“It just sucks when somebody comes and has to stand in line for 20 or 30 minutes,” restaurant manager Ed Cromar said. “Sometimes we get really busy. It just takes awhile when people ask a lot of questions and other people are over here stuck behind them.”

Once the ordering website built by BeSprout Technology is up and running, customers will be able to order and pay online. Then they can pick up their food by going through the drive-thru, according to Daily Green co-owner John Arana.

The drive-thru to pick up option will only be available to those who order online. There will be no ordering while at the drive-thru, Arana said.

Daily Green will also start offering beer and wine in upcoming weeks, according to Arana.

“We’ll mostly have local brews and it won’t be a huge bar,” Arana said. “We’ll also have home-brewed Wellspring Kombucha, a probiotic drink from Asia, and mimosas on the weekend with brunch.”

Online ordering and local brews are all ways in which Daily Green is working toward its goal of delivering healthy, local dining options for Gainesville residents, according to Cromar.

“We’d like to offer a healthy alternative to fast food,” Arana said. “We’ve thought about it as redefining fast food, in a sense—having fast food be healthy and local instead of corporate and shipped in and processed.”



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